In this article, we will be comprehensively guiding you on storing your eSurfboards. Everyone has experience in keeping for colder days. However, we should always discuss and ask the manufacturer for the proper techniques in the North Hemisphere. Hundreds of thousands of people are fond of and enjoy surfing as a hobby. For most people, it is important to know about the details of saving their electric surfboard in winter when they are not using it.

Store Surfboards in Winter – (Boards)
Either you have a SURFFE board or a random jet board, it is necessary to clean them properly. If you use these boards in the saltwater, you need to take care of its thorough cleaning. After every ride, you should rinse your surfboard with freshwater (only if operated saltwater).

However, before winter storage, you need to look for the proper cleaning. It requires more effort. It would help if you rinsed the board, cavities, contacts, and hoses with fresh water. It is important to dry your surfboard completely after surfing in the water. You may bring your board to the boiler room and have it cleaned with hot, dry air. It is the most suitable and reliable method.

Clean all the electric contacts properly after every use of the electric surfboard in the saltwater. All these steps are essential to repeat every time for winter storage. In addition, to increase its durability, you need to lubricate the contacts with seawater-resistant grease.

Cleaning and storage without batteries is a simple method. It does not need more requirements for the storage temperature. However, it is good to keep it at room temperature, and it can sometimes go to minus degrees. Ensure that all its tubes are 100% dry and there is no water or moisture inside them.

Moreover, a user must not start cleaning independently because a professional team comes with reliable and high-tech equipment to clean the surfboard. You need to follow the instructions of your manufacturer. It works with reasonable care, and they know how to handle the machinery properly. In this way, you will be safe from the damages and losses. You need to discuss these points with them before taking a start for cleaning.

Preparing the Battery For Winter Storage
It becomes more important to store the battery safely. So that it does not drains any sort of chemical. Next, you can clean the battery’s exterior (exposed) parts and let them fully dry. One must ensure that it is adequately dried, and there remains no place for moisture. Afterward, you should carefully clean and seal the electrical contacts (such as wires or connectors). You can grab more information about professional tips and points to store batteries for the winter season from our experts. However, you can perform the more accessible methods on your own. It will be safer for a long time if you do these tasks properly.

State of charge in winter:
Most people have queries concerning the state of charges stored in the battery during the winters. However, the answer to the following question varies through the manufacturers. On average, the recommended (or suggested) the charged percentage must be somewhere 30%-50% before winters. The empty batteries get weaker over time. Therefore, it is highly advised to charge the batteries every month. So, they remain healthy and working for the coming summers.

What to do if you are using a Lithium-ion battery?
If you are using lithium-ion batteries, you are in safe hands. Because these batteries do not drain their charge, you are in the best hands, at 20%-30% percent in the area of security, but here you may have to recharge in winter. It is recommended not to charge the battery below 10 degrees Celcius. Hence, most manufacturers agree with this fact.

So, you can store your battery at room temperature. Temperatures around the freezing point are still acceptable, but the battery must be warmed up at room temperature for several hours before being charged again. So, if someone follows the techniques mentioned above for eSurfboard, nothing will go wrong with the spring start. However, the provided information is not liable for any damage to any manufacturers.

Lubrication is essential
You need to lube the moveable connectors and screws, and Vaseline is the best lube for it. For salty water, WD-40 is a better option. Charge battery both board and remote at 30 %, or  50%, and usually no need to charge during winter.  Do not store it below zero degrees because it is not safe for you and is not recommended for winter. It is effortless to increase the efficiency of their products by storing them in the winter for most people.

Storage area
Remember, there is a permanent and slight reduction in the capacity and risk of low voltage dropdown. The 30% charge goes closer to 0 when very cold. It is good to store in your living area, or house garage, then in a garden house. If you are not careful about it, then you may face an explosion or fire accidentally. It sometimes happens due to mechanical damage. The majority of the people face this problem due to the poor quality of the batteries and other careless acts. Therefore, you must be careful in the use of these items.

Decrease in charge
Keep in mind that the charge of the battery must not go below 3.6V per cell. If the manufacturer has integrated a storage mode in its charger, it automatically does this when the storage function is selected. As a rule, 18605 cells, properly trimmed with the charger for storage, can easily survive the winter without recharging.

If you store your batteries, then 18 degrees is the ideal temperature with the humidity of below 50% and in a dark place. It would be best to avoid the freezing weather since these are not much harmful to the batteries. In your house, it is safe and straightforward to store your Lithium-ion batteries. Dry all contacts before storage and apply a small sprayer WD40 / Caramba / or seawater-resistant grease.

You can wash the eSurfBoards before storing them and pay attention to the poles of the battery. It is good to rinse the radio remote control under clear water and ensure that it does not fully discharge during storage. For this purpose, you need to check the battery status every two weeks. Remove the batteries if these are removable before storage. The board needs to be stored within -20 to +40 degrees. Everything must be dry!

You need to place your Electric surfboards, accessories, and batteries only in a well-maintained and clean condition. Store your batteries remote control and rechargeable battery separately from the jet board. Store your Lithium-ion batteries in a cool and dry place and save them from the strong sunlight.

Save from flame
Avoid additional flammable materials in the area of ​​the battery and the radio remote control. It keeps the fire load as low as possible during storage. We always advise you not to store your battery in a hot place if you need to increase the battery’s lifespan. Lithium batteries are happier with cooler temperatures. Keep your remote controls and damaged batteries in a safe place and monitor them after a short period. If it damages, then you need to contact your dealer at once.

If the gasket or connector is dirty, you need to wash and clean it with fresh water. Do not use care products or chemical detergents for this.

If you check that connector is damaged, then you need to use the battery. Only store the battery as per the contact your dealer immediately if it is damaged or defective. Check the condition of the battery (including the connector) before using it. Severe corrosion on the plug contacts can lead to inadequate sealing.

As energy costs continue rising, the fixing batteries empower customers to get a couple or most of their energy necessities at a fixed, obvious rate. It does not simply reduce month-to-month working costs and improves edges, yet assists with making future arrangements. When your close planetary system is prepared to begin working, you start getting a good deal of power that grows your general addition.

Go for balance charging
Modern item has controlled this capacity of equilibrium charging. At the point when your battery goes to its charging, then cells will be adjusted gradually. Thus, it improves the overall battery life.

Know your high-voltage limits
You need to understand what the high-voltage cut-off of your battery is. On the off chance that you are utilizing an off-base charger, it will be a danger for the long existence of the battery. Utilize the correct charger according to the furthest reaches of the significant voltage limits.

Consider your low voltage removal limits
For a surfer client, you need to go for a high-voltage cut-off. It is a reasonable way that begins to comprehend your packs. Like this, you will want to expand the battery life. It broadens the rage according to the necessity.