SURFFE Inc always displays the product pricing, excluding the local taxes or shipping charges. Therefore, the mentioned pricing is only for the product itself. In general, there are two options for payments when buying electric surfboards from SURFFE Inc. In each option, The customer itself will manage the import taxes and applicable local fees. Any additional cost & hidden charges are not included in the purchase.

Option # 1 – Complete Advanced Payment
Everyone can freely select the payment methods American Express, Paypal, Credit / Debit Cards.

  1. You will be paying the total amount at the time of check-out.
  2. The order details are complete, and the product is delivered to your doorstep.
  3. We will ship them to all locations and outside the country (upon request).

Option # 2 – Depositing Selected Amount in Advanced

  1. You can choose the pay deposit option
  2. We will confirm and send your order digitally
  3. Before dispatching the order, you need to go for the final payments
  4. We ship your order to the location that you give to us. All these things are manageable considering supply and production workload or per the client’s specific request

Payment and Pricing
The accepted payment methods are PayPal, Amex, MasterCard, and Visa. The currency depends on where the product(s) are being delivered.

USA & Canada
We process all orders from Canada. If any taxes are applied from another country, these will be charged to the buyers on delivery. Orders to the USA and Canada will be processed by SURFFE Canada. All applicable taxes and will be collected.

Europe (EU/EEC/EEA)
We handle your orders within Europe, and these are shipped utilizing air freight. The delivery is possible in a week or five to seven working days for our electric surfboard.

  • Incoterms 2010: FCA
  • Currency for payments: € EURO

Other Countries
We manage all our orders to other countries of the world DAP (Delivered At Place) accordingly to Incoterms 2010. We do not receive taxes, duties, and VAT on orders, and we cannot forecast your specific or accurate charges. If you do not receive additional charges, they should be paid to clear customs for your package. For this purpose, you need to contact your local customs office. They collect all the details, and you will get it in fifteen working days. Other charges or fees will be added to it as per the country charges. You need to follow the rules and regulations of your government.

  • Incoterms 2010: DAP/EXW (on client’s request)
  • Currency: Depends on where the order is delivered/purchased to/from