General Terms Of Service

General Terms of Service

The terms and conditions of your association with SURFFE Inc. are “Terms,” “Agreements and Conditions,” “Accords of sale.”

Before using the Services, please carefully read these conditions mentioned. By accepting the terms and conditions, you are willingly accepting and liable to adhere to terms and conditions for the usage and access to the services. All users, purchasers, partners, and anyone accessing or using the service shall be subject to these Conditions. You agree to comply with these Terms by access to or use of the service. You may not access the service if you disagree with any aspect of the Terms.

We can cancel or suspend any particular section of the general terms and conditions included on any means of communication associated with SURFFE Inc. Subject to the above requirement of applying the unmodified General Conditions of Sale; all sales shall be finalized. As a result, the consumer is presumed to have acceptance of these terms and conditions unreservedly. The company will allow the access of the customer to the general terms and conditions. The customer terms have not at all be preferred over the general terms and conditions, excluding any circumstances (or conflicts) sections mentioned in the general terms and conditions.

SURFFE Inc. accepts any commercial provisions mentioned within clauses of the terms and conditions, either in the agreement or separately printed on the products. The company must authorize the proposed amendments in the agreement with SURFFE Inc. By acknowledging the mentioned clauses, and the customers abide to carefully read, comprehend, and completely comply with the User Manual and its disclaimers and cautions prior to using the product.

Cancellation or Modification of Orders
Every placed order remains decisive and secures placed with the company. However, the orders might have the flexibility of cancellation and alteration upon the request processed by the customer, which is the utmost priority of SURFFE Inc,

Force Majeure and exceptional shipping scenarios are those factors that are considered. However, in case of modification of any event, the cost may rise, which will be communicated to the client for approval, resulting in order delays. In the event of cancellation, the customer would be responsible for all additional charges and expenditures spent by SURFFE Inc up to the time of cancellation and relating to that purchase.

Brochures, Technical Information
All the printed papers (such as catalogs, brochures, or technical sheets) are only designed for the characteristic and information and have nothing to do with firm discount offers. Any printed documents are not representable for legal purposes at any stance. SURFFE Inc has the right to cancel out any requested improvements or alternation on any of its products without informing the associated parties.

Prices and Packaging
The mentioned prices exclude additional installation or packaging expenses or the ex-works (incoterms 2010). The customer itself will be responsible for all those additional taxes (or fees) implemented by the private (insurance) or government (customs) sectors. The products are carefully packed for long-haul transportation.

However, the company’s packing policy is always identical to the general standards of industrial packing. Every consignment is parcelled so that the product remains intact and the customer receives it in ideal conditions.

The payment alternatives are restricted to those available at SURFFE Inc if agreed differently in the agreement. In addition, the company may withhold or deduct from the payments made by the customer for any additional shipping or product returns. In any case, the customers have not authority to apply for the payments (except the claims by Surffe Inc).

SURFFE Inc. may impose a late payment charge up to 4% (but should not exceed 5%) over the basic rates in the case of non-payment by the due date. In addition, the defaulting customer must bear all the debt collection charges, including any legal and legal charges that SURFFE Inc. may incur to recover any due amount.

The company at any time reserves the right to implement the special payment terms and conditions even if the customer pays the bill before or on the due date in special judgment. Surffe Inc also has the right to retain suspending the fulfillments of outstanding orders.

The product’s delivery automatically begins after the customer consent to the clauses mentioned in the commercial and technical details agreement. However, there might be delays in the delivery after the company’s agreement because delivery timings are just time estimations. As per the company’s shipping policies, each product would be shipped using the most environment-friendly transport means, mostly from road freight. The customer would be solely responsible for all the shipping charges (the product pricing excludes the shipping).

In such a case, the customer any disagrees or refuses to accept the product delivery. The company would have the right to confiscate the products at the additional expenses and risk that the customer would be responsible. Any additional charges would result in reimbursement of freight and handling costs.

The recipient must report any major or minor damages to the product on time. The customer shall send a written report to the carrier and duplicate the report to SURFFE Inc’s authorities. Whatever the reasons behind the damaged product, the company is not liable for any loss or damage and would not pay any reimbursement (or compensation) for it.

Passing of Title and Risks
Until the payment clearance (settlement), the product would not be handed over to the customer. The customer would have to pay the complete payment of accidental coverages, etc. Unless the engagement mentioned above of title, the risks related to the delivery of products shall pass when SURFFE informs the customer in writing about the good availability unless expressly agreed on by INCOTERM for the delivery.

The company provides a warranty only to the items offered by SURFFE Inc and to its customer. It does not apply to any product from third parties. The guarantee covers the compensation for the products with manufacturing defects within 12 months from the invoice date and under the ideal operational situations and with regular maintenance.

The customer is obliged to inform the relevant authorities at SURFFE. Inc about the issues or defects found in the product and must provide evidence along with writings. However, the buyer must evaluate the faults before reaching the company. The company never authorizes to repair or remove himself or arrange for a third party without the prior written authorization of SURFFE Inc.

Under the service conditions, the company at any stance with its absolute discretion may repair, replace or provide a new product covered within its warranty policy if found by SURFFE Inc. The company is not responsible for any compensation for any form of loss (or harm), whatever the conditions. These conditions may be physical, financial loss, and defective products.

The warranty period shall not be extended to repairs or replacements conducted according to these provisions. The replacement parts will be transferred back to SURFFE Inc. during the warranty duration given by SURFFE Inc. To validate & claim for a warranty, one must ensure that product was used as per the operational measures in the user manual. SURFFE Inc. shall not be liable for any faults (and damages resulting from it) that arise as a consequence of the following

  • Any manufacturing or assembling or misuse of items not complying with SURFFE Inc’s instructions, specifications, or standards;

  • An excessive use, improper or improper maintenance, neglect, or any other uses beyond the specific (or defined) use for the equipment;

  • material given (or designs imposed) by the client or by third parties not specifically authorized by SURFFE Inc, for the service or maintenance of the goods;

  • SURFFE Inc. shall not be responsible for any warranty other than the acts mentioned above of God or force majeure or any faults and consequences thereof occurring from the usual wear of the product.

Returns and Claims
SURFFE Inc neither accepts nor returns (or gives reimbursements) for any goods having no evidence of being faulty as the company manufacturers each product on custom order.

Any case concerning the claims for the suspected faulty product shall be informed within fourteen days after receiving the product from the courier. If the issues are not easily discoverable and appear after fourteen days when the product is in warranty, then the company may authorize to accept the product claims (or returns).

Intellectual Property
SURFFE Inc maintains all copyrights and expertise relating to SURFFE Inc’s products. The customer shall not replicate (or attempt to copy) the trademark, graphical designs, and other industrial (commercial) lawful property of SURFFE Inc., The copyright and property rights of documentations, including cost estimates and technical information either virtual and printed concerning its products, are maintained and retained by SURFFE Inc. No third party shall replicate, disclose, or make such materials accessible. All records of this kind must be sent to SURFFE Inc. without delay if no order is made.

No Liability – Force Majeure
SURFFE Inc may, in particular concerning delivery times, be relieved from any undertaking. If the consumer has not fulfilled payment conditions;

  • In the event of force majeure, such as lockouts, strikes, epidemics, embargoes, accidents, refusal of principal parts being manufactured, interruption or postponement of transport, disruption to supplied goods, or other events beyond SURFFE Inc’s control, suppliers or contractors may operate at SURFFE Inc’s premises, including in the event of lay-offs or shorter-term work.

Returns & Exchanges
You have fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the product(s) to exchange or return it (s). The order must be delivered in excellent shape in its proper packing together with the whole shipment’s content, including all documentation, packing material, manuals, and notes. For the return to be successful, the original package (including all packing material) must be completely intact. SURFFE Inc will not accept returns on products that have had their labels removed or altered in any manner or on products that are missing any of the inventories mentioned above (s). The client is responsible for all shipping expenses and other fees associated with the returned product(s).

Clients will have to wait one month after SURFFE Inc has officially received the product(s) while their money is refunded to the buyer’s original credit card. Additional duties or taxes, as well as the cost of delivery, will not be returned.

VAT on purchases made inside the Canada will be refunded. Exchanges are valid only while the items fulfill the terms and conditions. The same kind and size of the goods and their availability will ensure that the damaged goods are exchanged (s). Refunds for defective products will be made within one month after delivery. The exchange is insured under Surffe Inc.’s guidelines. Stores are not permitted to initiate the return and refund of items(s).

How can I return my product? You can feel comfortable reaching on for all information, including complete the return procedure with specifying your order reference number. Additionally, specify the product(s) you are returning and express plainly why (s).

What are the steps?

1. You must notify us within one month of the day the shipment was received if you want to return it. SURFFE Inc accepts no responsibility for product damage or loss, as we urge that you ensure the product(s) through logistics and save the tracking information until the whole refund is processed.

2. Returned product(s) must be in their original packaging and include all original tags.

3. The manufacturer’s packaging should be apparent in the form of lettering or markings.

4. The buyer is liable for the return postage and any additional charges. SURFFE Inc will only request a return if there was a shipping mistake; in this instance, we will cover the associated costs.

Commercial warranty & complaints
SURFFE Inc ensures the authenticity of our goods by verifying that they are of the highest quality and are intended for the stated function without any defects in the production process or handiwork. If there is a problem with our goods, please notify us through email before returning them to avoid incurring additional shipping expenses (s). If you have any questions about the product(s) you purchased via our website, please contact us at We will react to your claim with a resolution and, if required, a return process. Please email us at if you have any questions about our business warranty.

Commercial Warranty Policy
SURFFE Inc claims we supply electrical surfboards with zero chances of problems and workmanship faults when delivered to the customer. Each mechanical and electrical component in the electric surfboard is covered under the commercial warranty for twelve months, starting from the time of delivery, and the original receipt remains with the purchases. To be clear, that natural wear and tear is not included in the warranty policy. However, if there is an issue with the drive train component, the entire segment will be replaced.

In the case of abuse, negligence, and negligence, the commercial guarantee does not apply, unless specifically authorized in writing, if the product is used in any other manner than the intended one, to replace any component or accessory other than Original SURFFE Inc.

SURFFE Inc. assumes no liability whatsoever for any third party’s repercussions which could arise from any legal or natural person’s usage or handling of Surffe Inc.

The buyer can easily lodge their complaints related to the quality issues within one year from the receipt date. However, SURFFE Inc advises its customers to report defective components within the first month after purchasing. In many cases, the complaints can be communicated.