Electric Surfboard

Electric Surfboard | 12,000 Watts & 55 Km/h | Carbon Fiber | Carbon & Wood

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MSRP: $14,995.00
(You save $1,000.00 )
eSurf as soon as 24-48 hours
Huge Battery:
LG 50Ah Certified (60 minutes)
Turbo Engine:
12,000 Watts (55 km/h)
Carbon Fiber:
Light & Sturdy | 480 GSM (T300)
High Speed (Included)

Even if you are in one of the best surf spots in the World like California or Australia, home to perfect breaking waves, your surfing experience is heavily influenced by weather, sea conditions and various other factors. Unless you have the best electric surfboard to break all barriers, of course! Presenting one of the newest and latest electric surfboards on the market, the eSurfboardf by SURFFE, designed to help you break out of traditional surfing and enjoy an endless season of surfing!

This amazing electric surfboard, or jet board, allows you to surf on virtually any body of water, by motorizing your board and jetting you through the water, to provide you with one of the coolest and most adrenaline fueled water sports experiences that can be enjoyed despite even the worst flatwater conditions.

SURFFE is an amazing electric surfboard constructed with high quality carbon fiber, making it strong and durable. This board provides exceptional performance for an electric surfboard. Suitable for all surfers (man, woman, or child), all skills and all water conditions this e-surfboard is a well-constructed board. Durable and stable, this board offers an excellent riding experience. Its heavy-duty, thick, high-density, and hard-wearing carbon core makes it sturdy and buoyant. This board is the fastest electric surfboards on the market and can reach up to 55kmph and the battery can last up to one hour.

Boasting an award-winning design that will not just take your breath away but will keep you in suspense every time you use it, this electric surfboard is manufactured with perfection in mind. The hydrodynamic design offers a very smooth ride and makes maneuvering easy, while the nonslip deck pad gives you a superior grip and extra stability while surfing. The carbon fiber that was used for the construction is of an ultra-premium making, which will keep your e-surfboard in top shape for many years. Through constant innovation and dedication to this watersport, SURFFE has been able to come up with some of the best eSurfboard designs out there for you to choose from.

Get the most stable and comfortable electric surfboards, it is perfect for taking to the beach or the lake and can be used both when standing and lying down. The high level of stability this board provides makes it perfect for beginners and younger riders alike. This eSurfboard gives you a fast and convenient surfing experience on various types of water. The powerful electric capacity will have no issue driving the eSurfboard to help you glide smoothly through the water surface.

One of the most modern and hottest electric surfboards on the market, this is a compact and powerful electric surfboard characterised by its stability and maneuverability and is a favorite for riders looking for a versatile and powerful ride on a jet board that doesn’t hurt the wallet as much as other models. This board is not only designed for beginners, but for riders who are looking for an adrenalin rush or those who want to go really fast.

This ergonomically designed electric surfboard is a fully customizable electric powered jet surfboard. By combining your preferences, you can create the board of your dreams. So whether you want to add your logo or go for a full wrap around design, this electric surfboard is definitely one of the best jet boards of 2021!

This eSurfboard offers the best warranty in the entire eSurf industry to give you unforgettable surfing moments.

365-Day eSurfboard Warranty. We are 100% committed to our customers and provide every eSurfboard with a free 365-Day warranty! Our warranty covers any technical faults/manufacturer defects, but does NOT cover the following: General wear and Damage due to improper use; Chassis/frame damage; Broken or loose charger port/pins; Electronic damage due to using improper charger voltage; Damage caused by collisions or accidents (such as scratches); Chargers/Accessories/Carrying Cases. We will cover any manufacturing faults or electrical malfunctions and repair/replace your eSurfboard at our repair facility’s discretion, however Return of shipping must be paid at the buyer’s expense. All products received in a defective condition must be reported within 7 business days and returned within 15 days of receipt (Must be in “original packaging” and in the same condition as received). Your warranty begins on receipt of delivery and if your eSurfboard is outside the warranty period, we do offer an exclusive repair service for our customers. Please contact us for any warranty information or repair quotes.


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