Want to Buy Electric Surfboards? Things to Check Out

Posted by Greg on on 20th Jul 2021

If you are getting a bit curious about electric surfboards, then you need to consider some important things before you think of buying the new model. Whether you are skillful or not, it is essential to know the type of board that you want. There are some products that are rightly apt for usage, and purchasing the best one can save you money and time. Some important points to consider before buying:


The weight of a rider is the first thing that you must check out when finding the best electric surfboards. If you are heavier, then more power of the motor will be required. Boards that require more power will need higher battery cells & an improved heat management system. It generally makes them highly expensive. Consider the power you may need for such type of surfing that you would like to do. The Surffe boards are powered by propellers or jet engines. Ensure you check out which one is best for your requirements.


Again it is an essential thing to know if you’re new to surfing and there are some surfboards that have smoother decks, however, this will be tough for balancing & learning initially. Even though you buy the rough surface board, your grip is comfortable however in a long run standing for a large amount of time will prove tough.

Battery Life

The battery is yet another important factor to consider, particularly when you are not a fan of paddling. So, you need to determine the speed that you want before you jump on battery life. The top boards may last for over 45 min, to an hour. It can depend on how much speed you need. The electric surfboards with the weaker batteries will last for over 20 mins.


The motorized surfboards generally cover a broad category, and there’re many different sizes and shapes available to select from. This must be selected based on the experience, weight and size, and where you are planning to surf. Some surfing boards are oval, squared-off, and classic surfboard types. Suppose you are planning to use the board on the lake, then you must go for flat ones. Suppose you wish to get out in the waves, you need curves.


The battery-powered board will be a costly toy. However, how much does the electric surfboard cost? The price of reliable jet-propulsion electric surfboards can go around $12,000 to $20,000.