Electric Surfboard? What's this?

Electric Surfboard? What's this?

Posted by Greg on on 8th Jul 2021

The Electric Surfboards is a board designed for gliding over the water that allows you to surf water at great speeds without the need for waves. With this, you can enjoy surfing moments with your full potential and zeal. Its working is so simple you can easily operate it. It is powered by a powerful lithium-ion battery which activates its jet. Electric Surfboards have very little maintenance like other electrical and battery-operated devices.

Sense of freedom

When you are in a boat you are always dependent on tides and weather conditions which ultimately restrict you from complete enjoyment but with this surfing board, you can get a joyful ride over the waves of water with a completely unbelievable sense of freedom.

Maneuverable Ride

With its compact size and lightweight body, you can get a fully maneuverable ride. By smooth and easy handling of remote control, your ride becomes more stable and enjoyable. You can feel every moment with full ease and happiness.

Components of surfing board

Lithium-ion battery


Brushless motor

Water jet pump

Remote control

Operation and working

Electric surfing board has a major thing that is the li-ion battery which gives power to the motor to transfer electrical energy to mechanical energy and hence powerful propeller works along with the high-efficiency water jet pump which gives you immense pleasure of water gliding like a hero. Remote control is always present to turn the trigger on for jet operation. Practically 12000w capacity motorized system and 50 AH battery keep you on the water for approx. 40-60 min riding at mixed speeds and can be increased by an increase in motor and battery capacity.

Speed and acceleration

Electric surfboards always make you say “yahoo, this is so fast”

These are always helpful in achieving greater speeds and more efficiency than gas surfing boards since the propeller motion is generated directly. Petrol engines after combustion generate heat first, which is turned into a movement that moves the piston of the engine. Electric engines have fewer moving parts so the power goes directly to the propeller. Hence this advantage provides electric surfboards with more torque and acceleration than petrol surfboards. The energy of the battery transforms in the motion of the turbine in the same moment you press the trigger by the remote control. You can enjoy the feeling of going faster and faster with only electric surfing boards.

Electric VS Gas surfing board

In Electric surfing board, a motor is always present to propel the board in a forwarding direction. Motor speed depends upon the power source which is the battery. When we use the power source as gasoline, the engine will be internal combustion rather if the power source is a battery, the engine will be electric. Let´s compare the prominent differences between them.

Electric jet board Gas powered jet board
Easy maintenance Exhaustive and dirty maintenance
2,5h of charging time No charging time
No air and noise pollution Air and noise pollution high
Around 40 minutes of riding time Almost equal
No restrictions for use Limited use in some areas
More maximum achieving speed Lower maximum speed

Maintenance of Electric surfboard

Due to the lack of water-tightness of the engine, Gas powered surfboards usually need service after every ride in water whether it is sweet or salt (lakes or ocean).

On the other hand, electrically operated surfboards usually don’t need any frequent maintenance. Only a little cleanliness can be done sometimes which is always very easy and cost-free.

Future of electric surfing Boards

Frankly, I certainly believe in the future of electric surfboards. I think today both variants of them have pros and cons, but the battery-operated Surfboards will win in the long run and will be more preferred in the future.

Already there are a lot of users of electric surfboards who are happy enough to have them. The main reason for not using petrol-powered surfboards is the noise which nobody likes. Anyone would get in trouble soon if he would use them.

Some of the people who are using petrol boards cannot enjoy the noise-free rides over high tides. I understand why, mainly because they avoid to do racing or they live in the Ocean where the noise may not be such a big problem for them.