Electric Surfboard: How to Find the Best One?

Posted by Greg on on 20th Jul 2021

Surfing, naturally, is a popular water sport activity carried out by the people, and this is the reason electric surfboard is in huge demand. These days, there are many tournaments and even international competitions organized for surfing, which includes surfing’s debut at Olympics.

Surfing is one wonderful sport with its ancient roots, now we are seeing modern technology giving it a different twist. With progressive technology nowadays, people have started switching to an electric surfboard. Suppose you are hearing this for the first time, here is what you must know about electric surfboards.

Different Types of Electric Surfboards Available

There are at present two main kinds of jet boards – electric surfboards and electric hydrofoils.

  • Electric surfboard generally resembles the longboard or funboard.. It’s the watercraft that allows the rider to cruise over on the rivers, sea, lakes, as well as dams but catch the waves from a standing position. There’re rigid and inflatable surfing models available, however, most of the e-surfboards have carbon fiber & higher-grade parts.
  • Hydrofoil electric boards, on the other hand, are surfboards that are well-equipped with foiling structures. This is the faster board, which allows a rider to carry out fast sharp turns & glide some inches above the water surface. Illegal in Canada.
  • Motorized foil boards are highly dangerous and must not be ridden in crowded lineups and close to swimming beaches. Illegal in Canada.

Speed of the Surfboard

Most of the Surffe boards are fast! When we talk about electric boards, their speeds will go from 30 km an hour to 55 km an hour. It is a vast difference, thus one decision you will need to take. The remote-controlled device will help you control its speed, but if you’re just starting with this sport then ensure you aren’t rushing into it and begin with the low setting mode for practicing.

Volume is a Key

Many people have the tendency of getting caught up over how long the surfboard is. While this can be one important factor to consider–but key in finding the best electric board is how much volume your board has. Having an ideal volume for your weight will be a difference in struggling to catch the waves as well as being the wave-catching machine. Understanding which is the right volume for you based on experience, weight, preference, fitness, age, skill, style, and more– will make sure you find the perfect balance for yourself.