4 Important Things to Consider When Buying Esurf

Posted by Greg on on 20th Jul 2021

Planning to buy an esurf? It will be both an exciting and overwhelming process. Going across different models and types of boards and choosing the right one among them can be a tiring process. Nothing to worry about, in this post, we will check out a few important things that you need to look at in your electric board before buying.

  • 1.Try Out Different Electric Boards

When you buy a vehicle you always ask for the test drive, don’t you? The same thing applies when it comes to buying an esurf. There are many websites online where you can find a complete range of electric boards that you can try for free or rent on an hourly or weekly basis. Renting electric surfboards is the best way you can find out what type of boards works for you. This helps you make the right buying decision.

  • 2.Know Your Surfing Style

There are different esurfboards that suit different levels and styles. As a beginner, you will need to choose something different than when you progress & find your preferences. Suppose you’re just starting with an electric board, you need to check out its length and volume that will help you learn to catch waves and paddle. If you’re progressing, start sizing down that will help you duck dive & start turning. Suppose you are at an advanced level, you may need different boards for different waves that you ride.

Check out the type of waves that you want to ride –2 to 3 feet beach breaks; peeling point breaks – this may dictate you the kind of electric surfboard that you need to buy. And know your surfing ability so that you do not end up with a board that does not match your level. It looks best until you try to ride! When you progress in your surfing skills, the boards you choose to ride will progress or change with you.

  • 3.Inflatable or Solid Construction?

You have two options in an electric surfboard, one is an inflatable surfboard and another one is solid construction. Suppose you select an inflatable surfboard, you need to know that it has a battery slot. On the bright side, you may store the inflatable ones with no hassle. But, it is lighter than the boards with solid construction.

  • 4.Check Out the Warranty

Do not buy any eSurfboard that does not come up with a warranty. You need to know that you are buying an electrical device that will be prone to damages and malfunctioning. There must be a proper warranty or, you should look for other brands or models who offer a good warranty on it.