About Surffe

SURFFE is a company established in Montreal, Quebec, Canada bringing you the latest in electric powered jet surfboards. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service while you choose your next adventure, be it in the lakes, beaches or in the surfs. Keep checking back as our inventory of awesome products grows. Whether carving up the sea, or exploring the coasts, we have an Electric Surfboard for everyone's style. Come check out the Jetboards that are stirring up the industry.

The journey started in 2015, when Phil and Greg began making waves in the eMobility (e-Bikes, e-Scooters, Hoverboards, and more) industry with their dedication to offering unmatched value through quality, selection, and service. The era of electric surfboards began in 2021 when Phil and Greg founded SURFFE with the purpose of offering the best and most desired electric, sustainable, performance e-surfboards.

SURFFE is a company that continuously pushes the boundaries of what is possible within electric water sports with a mission to fast-forward the future of electric water sports by providing cutting-edge, high-performance electric jet surfboards. Providing sustainable electric water sports exhilaration by combining excitement with performance and longevity, SURFFE strives to be a cut above the rest.

SURFFE combines performance, electro-technology, capability, and precision with an unyielding focus on supreme quality engineering and design that sets our products apart. Our products prove the statement that great performance and great functionality go hand in hand. Our high performance products are at par with stringent visual and technical demands owing to their precise and efficient design and are hence greatly esteemed by our customers. In short, our products redefine the perception of performance eMobility.

So if you’re into action water sports or adventurous at heart and enjoy your water sports with a heavy dose of adrenalin, then you have come to the right place. Our electric surfboards are innovative, pioneering, safe, easy to use, and high-performance, for an action packed experience you can’t get enough of!